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Hi!  I’m Cindy and I have worked at Sew Smart for 3 years.  I began sewing at the age of 10-making dresses for my grandma.  My former mother-in-law was an avid quilter and got me back into sewing, as did my mom.  I’ve been making quilts/projects for a little over 30 years.  

I’m married, my husband is Randy, and between the two of us, we have four sons, great daughters-in-law and two very active grandchildren-one who is almost 6, the other 21 months.  

My “specialty” at Sew Smart is color selection.  Also a new customer recently told me I have a great smile, laugh and enthusiasm for what I do.  🤣🤣

Hi I’m Maisie! I’m new to the staff! Sewing is my passion. I LOVE making small projects, and sew I am going to start teaching myself how to quilt. I started working at Sew Smart during the summer of 2019. I have always been crafting. I taught myself how to sew later last year, and now I own my own booming business. I love working with kids and teaching them how to make small projects. During my free time, I am a thrower at D.C. Everest Senior High and will be attending UW-Milwaukee in Fall of 2020, and of course I am sewing in my free time as well! I love working at Sew Smart because the atmosphere is so inspiring and I am ALWAYS learning something new!





  My name is Sandy and I love working at Sew Smart in Wausau.  I am fairly new at the store and work 1 to 2 days a week.  This is only because I am still working as a nurse full time.  I started sewing when I was in middle school and after marrying and having 5 very active young men, my sewing stopped. Now that my boys are grown and gone I can begin again.  I own a Bernina and a Baby Lock and love them both. Still learning on the Serger, now I just need to retire so I can practice my skills. I do have many interests and hobbies.  I do raise bees to pollinate my garden and one of the byproducts is the honey. I love to garden, can my own vegetables, cook, bake and read.  I enjoy camping with my husband and attending events around our 12 grandchildren.  I am an avid animal lover and would take them all in if I had the room.  I have always been in customer service and look forward to helping and answering any questions you may have.  Most of all if I don't know the answer I will   find the right person to help you.  So take the time to come see us here in person, ask questions, take classes and buy more fabric. It really soothes the soul.


My name is Nancy.  I've been working at Sew Smart for almost four years after retiring from a nursing career for 42 years.  I learned how to sew when I was 8 years old with my grandmother. My first dress that she taught me was a shirtwaist if any of you remember that style.   I sewed avidly for many years which was stalled while raising children.  My love is machine embroidery and I still do garment sewing. Besides sewing I love to read and kayak.   I currently own two Baby Lock machines.  I am transitioning as a technician under the fine guidance of Judy and Mary.    I enjoy teaching!  I taught trauma classes as a nurse and transitioned into running two machine embroidery groups.  I love working at Sew Smart and helping people learn their machines and help design their projects.


Hi, My name is Donna.  I have been retired from my IT job since early 2018 with over 40 years in the workforce.  I always admired my mom for making all our clothes as I was growing up but I never touched a sewing machine until my high school Home Ed. days.  I started sewing again when my youngest left home to start her first year at UWSP and felt the need to make her something to remind her of home.  I needed a hobby and started classes at Sew Smart.  The wonderful staff and support I received from them made me want to continue improving my skill sets.  It was challenging and fun at the same time.  I've been on the Sew Smart team since August, 2018.

I lead the Janome 9400/9450 Sew-Cial class where we keep learning what our machines can do.  I did not have an interest in embroidery machines until I came back from the Atlanta Janome Institute.  Needless to say, I am now an owner of the new Janome 550E.  (Maybe we can start classes learning this machine too!) Yes, I am hooked! I have met so many wonderful people and gained many new lifetime friendships.  My greatest blessings are keeping me busy as grandma of four (soon to be five).  Stop into Sew Smart.  I'm sure we can assist you with your hobby.

My name is Paula. I am a retired nurse of 22 years. My last job of 17 years was at Aspirus Hospital on the Oncology Unit. I have a BSN (Bachelor of Science Nursing, and a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) with emphasis in drawing and prints. My passion is the arts and crafting, and now sewing. Even though I made my kids clothes, and my uniforms; my enthusiasm for sewing didn’t start until I starting working at Sew Smart in Wausau…a renewed love for fabrics and sewing began. An new interest in quilting is flourishing day by day, as is my fabric stash.

My sewing knowledge is stunted compared to everyone else who works here, but by watching YouTube and listening to Sew Smart’s clientele, I am learning daily. I feel grateful to be able to work with such knowledgeable people, and customers who are willing to share their extensive knowledge.





My name is Nancy and I'm a fairly new addition to Sew Smart in Wausau, since the beginning of 2019.  I work full-time for the Stevens Point Area Public School District as head secretary at P. J. Jacobs Junior High School.  My relaxation is to teach classes, organize the website, and work behind the counter meeting great people that come to Sew Smart!

My mom was a seamstress.  She sewed anything from snowmobile suits to wedding dresses and she was GOOD!  So, I never thought I would measure up and didn't really try until a friend helped me make my first quilting project, a Thimbleberries table runner.  I was hooked.  I've been quilting since the early 1990's. 

I’m an AQS Certified Quilted Textile Appraiser since 2007 and a Martha Pullen Licensed Teacher, Celebrating Sergers program.  I also lecture on various topics throughout the state and teach Bernina Software classes and Babylock Serger Club every month.




Upon completing her 33rd year teaching young adult special education students in the D C Everest Area School District, Lois approached Mary about teaching quilting classes at Sew Smart.  Mary asked her if she wanted a part-time job and the day after school was out, Lois was working at Sew Smart!  That was in June of 2011.  At that point Mary only carried Pfaff and Janome machines.  Within that next year Mary started to carry Bernina machines, which Lois was already an owner of two, and quickly became the "Bernina Girl" at Sew Smart!  She also likes the 1930’s quilt look, has been collecting vintage 1930’s quilts for over a decade, as well as traditional quilts with the "Civil War" look.

Lois is knowledgeable about Bernina models for the past 25 years and has been trained by Bernina on the current models as well. She also is an OESD Certified Embroidery Expert, regularly attends the annual Bernina conference held in July each year, is trained in the Bernina Embroidery Software 8, and helps plan Bernina events at Sew Smart in Wausau.  Lois can be found on the second Thursday of each month at the Rhinelander store offering Bernina lessons/classes.